Low-Stim IVFLow-Stim IVF™ Yields Sixty Percent Success Rate!

Orange County's West Coast Fertility Center announces a novel ovarian stimulation for Low-Stim IVF™

A milder, less expensive form of IVF offered at West Coast Fertility (WCFC) has resulted in pregnancy success rates equal to the standard IVF outcome states Dr. David Diaz, Medical Director at the Center's IVF program. "We have observed a surprising 60% pregnancy rate, very similar to the result obtained with the medication dose used in standard In-Vitro cycles."

When making the decision to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), there are a number of considerations associated including: the overall cost, amount of medications, side effects, and the time away from work for appointments. These factors are important to our patients and they are taken into account by our staff.

The purpose of the medications used for any IVF treatment is to induce the growth of multiple eggs in preparation for egg retrieval. The novel Low-Stim IVF approach, first developed by Dr. David Diaz during his training at Harvard Medical School, is now recommended for selected patients at WCFC in Orange County, California. The premise for Low-Stim IVF is based on the principle of ovarian reserve which can vary from one person to another.

The concept of ovarian reserve is determined for each patient by documenting the following:
1) the Ovarian Volume measured in cubic centimeters;
2) the Resting Follicle Count obtained by vaginal ultrasound;
3) the Baseline Hormone Levels measured in the blood.
The patient's age and general medical health are also part of the determining criteria for Low- Stim IVF.

A primary objective in Low-Stim IVF is to allow the ovaries to carry out a more "natural selection" of the most responsive and best quality follicles and eggs. Therefore, the recommended medication dosage is based on patient screening and may be considerably less than traditional IVF. This results in lower medication cost, fewer office visits and less risk of ovarian hyperstimulation.

Once ovarian stimulation is under way, the most favorable eggs are recruited and matured, leaving behind those that are less responsive. Fewer but presumably healthier eggs will be harvested. This is one of the reasons that excellent pregnancy rates are possible with Low-Stim IVF. Since first introduced in 2009, this has become one of the most popular treatments requested at West Coast Fertility Center.


  1. Ovarian Stimulation: This occurs when medications are used to help the best quality follicles and eggs develop under the best conditions. The medications are administered for about 10 days. A minimal number of vaginal ultrasounds measures the size of the growing follicles and determines when the egg will be harvested.
  2. Follicle aspiration and egg harvest: Under I.V. anesthesia, our patient's follicles containing an egg are aspirated using a non-surgical ultrasound guided technique. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes followed by 1or 2 days of rest.
  3. Egg culture and insemination: After eggs are harvested they are placed in special Carbon Dioxide incubators helping them to reach maturity. Only the best "quality" oocytes will be inseminated with selected excellent quality sperm cells.
  4. Egg/Embryo Culture and Cleavage:
    • Day 1: after the harvest, fertilization is confirmed by noting the two nuclear particles inside the egg.
    • Day 2: the egg transforms into an embryo with 2 to 4 cells, confirming cell division is underway.
    • Day 3: further cell division yields a 6 to 8 cell embryo. Only the best quality eggs are successful in developing to this stage.
  5. Embryo Implantation: Depending on the recommendations of our scientists, in certain cases, embryo placement into the uterus is performed on the day 3. However, if at least 6 embryos are growing by the 3rd day, we may recommend continued observation 2 more days to the Blastocyst stage. Only the hardiest and best quality embryos survive to this stage, permitting us to select the most efficient and best quality embryos. Only 2 blastocysts are replaced into the uterus resulting in a 60% pregnancy rate.

Low-Stim IVF

Dr. Diaz and his team are able to customize your medication dose according to your needs. Of course, we are mindful that success is always the ultimate goal and we are pleased to report sixty percent (60%) of the patients achieved a pregnancy on their first or second attempt.

Using innovative treatments such as Low-Stim IVF, the Staff at Orange County's West Coast Fertility Center looks forward to placing you on the path to parenthood !

To find out if you are a candidate for Low Stim IVF please call us at (714) 513-1399 or Click to Email Us

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