Tips for Coping with Fertility Related StressTips for Coping with Fertility Related Stress

Here are some tips from Rosa Santoyo, MS,LMFT, our licensed therapist, with over 20 years experience, who can help you cope with the anxiety and mixed emotions whirling around patients struggling with infertility.  Below are her thoughts and suggestions on managing your infertility related stress. 

Why me? - A commonly felt emotion is the shock and disbelief that anyone could be experiencing infertility. It is most difficult to accept it can happen to you. Usually people plan their lives and establish dreams towards the future which may include having children. The thought of dealing with infertility doesn't enter into the scheme of life's goals and can therefore be quite challenging. Although the focus of attention centers on the medical or physical aspects of dealing with infertility, the emotional impact sometimes plays a secondary role. However, having a realistic attitude and expectation when dealing with any difficulty or challenge is vitally important and can affect the ultimate outcome.

What's next?
When dealing with any difficult situation or crisis, we cope in a variety of ways. It is important that you acknowledge thoughts and feelings and not deny the anger you may feel with yourself, your partner, the medical profession, and your religious beliefs. DON'T PANIC!! There are numerous coping strategies in dealing with your infertility issues. It is a natural for you to have feelings of sadness or depression that your dream may not come true

Knowledge is power!
We can begin to feel empowered by obtaining information. Visiting your physician and getting an appropriate referral to a fertility specialists is the first step in moving forward toward resolving your infertility. Realize that all your questions are important and deserve a response.. Discussing your medical options will help you make the ultimate decision less stressful and more realistic. An appropriate fertility evaluation and diagnosis can point you in the right direction.

Treatment plans and support systems.
Dealing with infertility has often been described as "riding an emotional rollercoaster" referring to the elation often mixed with disappointment. Communicating with your physician and medical staff and surrounding yourself with a strong support system are vital. Maintain a possitive outlook and recall that the majority of patients eventually reach their goal. .

Remember that you are not alone. Many resources are available including individual counseling and support groups like RESOLVE, These strategies can assist you in moving forward in achieving your life's goal of having a child.

Ms. Santoyo is available for counseling sessions with individuals and couples. You may schedule your day or evening appointments by calling 714-513-1399 or submitting our online contact form to request more information.

Alternative Methods for Managing Stress

In addition to counseling, some patients may find it useful to use alternative methods to manage stress. These include Acupuncture, Guided Imagery, Meditation and The Mind Body Program. We encourage our patients to inquire about these techniques and discover which combination works best for them. We are affiliated with a variety of experienced practitioners in all the above disciplines.  

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