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West Coast Fertility Center's goal is to empower the patient with education, knowledge and information about infertility. To learn more about our advanced reproductive fertility treatments for female and male infertility, including egg freezing for fertility preservation, please call us at 714-513-1399 or email us.

Your fertility treatment is very individualized depending on the cause(s) of your infertility such as fallopian tube blockage, low sperm count or motility, endometriosis or polycystic ovaries. For some patients, intrauterine insemination IUI or in-vitro fertilization IVF can help you achieve pregnancy. West Coast Fertility Center can help you start your family today.

In 1988, Dr. David Diaz started West Coast Fertility Center to provide a community based fertility program to the physicians and patients in North and Central Orange County. From a small office in Anaheim, we have grown to two spacious offices in Fullerton and a full service fertility center in Fountain Valley. Thanks to the confidence and support of our wonderful patients and the network of referring medical providers, we have reached a milestone celebration of our 25th Anniversary along with the births of 3,500 children who have transformed their parents’ lives. We welcome the second quarter-century of service to the next generation of intended parents.

Dr. David Diaz discusses exactly what occurs during your infertility appointment in this video. Many innovations have taken place at West Coast Fertility Center making it possible to diagnose and treat advanced problems related to infertility, fertility preservation for cancer patients and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss. Even patients who are carriers of chromosomal or genetic problems can be helped by using the latest technique of preimplantation diagnosis such as array CGH.

Male infertility is diagnosed in as many as 40% of couples seeking fertility treatment. Severe infertility in men can be managed by a new procedure called sperm aspiration PESA. Men with zero sperm count (azoospermia) due to blockage of sperm ducts or following a vasectomy can now have their sperm collected directly by a small butterfly needle with i.v. anesthesia.

Gain understanding of the incredible journey of a single sperm uniting with an egg to form a brand new human life.

In-Vitro Fertilization IVF has become a very important tool in the world of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) allowing many couples to achieve their goals of having children.

For certain types of infertility such as mild cases of male infertility or if unfavorable cervical mucus is present, intrauterine insemination IUI is a useful technique for achieving pregnancy.

This video demonstrates a woman's ovulation in which only one best egg gets released during her menstrual cycle. After ovulation, the egg lives for 12-24 hours in the uterus. For a woman to become pregnant, a sperm must fertilize the egg during this time.

Women have described egg freezing to preserve their fertilty as liberating and empowering.

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Dr. David Diaz hosted this first ever reunion of babies born from thawed frozen eggs in October of 2011. This baby reunion was so unique and special because it celebrated the pioneering families and their babies conceived from frozen eggs.

Family building options for same sex couples.

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The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating at any age, but it's especially difficult for young women who must begin chemotherapy or radiation potentially damaging their eggs and reproductive organs. Patients can now preserve their fertility by freezing their unfertilized eggs at West Coast Fertility Center's Fertility Preservation Program. This moving video depicts an interview with a brave young patient who courageously opted to freeze her eggs before undergoing anti-cancer treatment.

In this informative video, the Egg Freezing specialists and Fertility Preservation scientists at Orange County's West Coast Fertility Center explain the facts about egg freezing and the science behind preserving a woman's fertility. We describe who is a candidate for egg freezing, how the procedure is performed and what are the success rates for egg freezing and egg thawing.

Who are candidates for the egg freezing procedure? How can you benefit from Egg Freezing?

The science of human egg freezing has been the focus of intense research at West Coast Fertility Centers making WCFC a world leader in the field of babies born from frozen eggs. Cadyn was the first baby born from frozen eggs through the Center's Egg Freezing Program after thawing eggs frozen for five years. More than 100 frozen egg babies have been born using West Coast Fertility Center's LANDA Freezing Technique, an IRB approved protocol.

Fertility Specialist, Dr. David Diaz, describes what happens and what to expect during your initial fertility consultation at West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County. We offer advanced technology, decades of experience and the human kindness factor to assist your journey to become a parent.

Meet the Escamilla family and their bundles of joy. Hear their story and what's it like to finally become parents. Read more fertility testimonials.

Our egg freezing research used special stains under high powered microscopes which depicts a 91% survival rate by preventing damaging ice crystal formation around the egg's internal organelles. This video was among the few selected for presentation at the annual ASRM fertility society meeting. More than 80 healthy children have been born from the Center's egg freezing program.

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Schedule your private consultation with infertility and egg freezing specialist, Dr. David Diaz. Please call us at 714-513-1399 or email us. Dr. Diaz also offers a phone consultation for patients living afar.

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