Egg Freezing at West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County, California results in more than 95 babies born from Frozen Eggs

Egg Freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is now a reality in the specialty of reproductive endocrinology and infertility. It has found new applications in women wishing to preserve their fertility for medical indications or personal reasons.

Innovative research at West Coast Fertility Centers began to unravel some of the mysteries associated with egg freezing. Since the year 2000, our scientific team has made numerous modifications to special biochemical solutions used to protect the eggs before they can be frozen. As our experience with egg freezing expanded, we noted a more efficient diffusion of the protective freezing fluids into the egg cell. This led to preservation of the egg's vital structures: chromosomes, meiotic spindle, and mitochondria.

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“I did not want my biological clock to dictate when I should get married and have children.”

“I wanted to take the pressure off myself of finding Mr. Right right away.”

“Freezing my eggs bought me time to pursue my career goals.”

Shana will embrace motherhood at a time when she's confident and ready in her life situation.

This baby reunion is unique because it celebrates the pioneering families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs. Nearly 70 joyous families and their frozen egg babies came together on October 15, 2011 to celebrate LIFE at West Coast Fertility Centers.

“You’re about to become a medical pioneer by being one of the few women in the world to become pregnant with frozen eggs,” said Dr. David Diaz to Cadyn’s mother. Although Cadyn was born in 2005, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen in 2001 at the egg freezing program at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. in partnership with West Coast Fertility Centers located in Orange County, California.

A woman’s egg quality and quantity diminishes drastically with age. The egg quality at age 20 is that 90% are normal and 10% are abnormal. The egg quality at age 40 is that 10% are normal and 90% are abnormal. Poor egg quality leads to abnormal embryos which leads to lower pregnancy rates, greater risk of miscarriage, and a rise in babies born with chromosomal diseases such as Down Syndrome.


Our frozen egg thaw survival rate rose to 91% compared to 10% with early studies in the 1980's. A research protocol for egg freezing with informed consent was approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). After learning about our work, numerous patients inquired whether they might be candidates for egg freezing. Our First Baby Born After Thawing Frozen Eggs occurred in 2005 from eggs which had been frozen from many years earlier.

Who May Benefit From Egg Freezing?

Our research suggests that women with good ovarian reserve have the best chance for successful thaw of their frozen eggs. This is determined by measuring specific blood hormones like FSH, Estradiol, Inhibin B and Anti-Mullerian Hormone. Other assessments include the Antral Follicle Count and calculating the Ovarian Volume in Cubic centimeters. Women under 38 years old seem to have the best chance for success.

By specific categories, these patient groups may benefit from egg freezing.

Patients Diagnosed with Cancer (Oncofertility)
Patients scheduled to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy may sustain damage to their fragile egg cells. Properly selected patients may freeze their oocytes before starting their anti-cancer treatment (Oncofertility). Men can also freeze their healthy sperm by freezing several semen samples prior to starting treatment.

Elective Fertility Preservation with Egg Freezing
Women who have not met their life partner may electively wish to preserve their healthy, robust eggs to help delay the physiologic decline in fertility resulting from the aging process. Other women whose career goals may delay their timeline for having children may also wish to consider Fertility Preservation.

Also, there are women undergoing IVF who do not wish to freeze embryos for personal or ethical reasons and, therefore, will electively freeze their eggs.

Egg Freezing Success Rates West Coast Fertility Centers

Egg Freezing During In-Vitro Fertilization
Women who are undergoing IVF will often have more eggs than they will possibly use during their IVF cycle. If all the eggs are inseminated with sperm, this may lead to surplus embryos which will need to be frozen and eventually discarded. An alternative choice is to inseminate a limited number of freshly collected eggs and create a few embryos. All extra eggs can be frozen in the unfertilized state.

Using Frozen Donor Eggs to Acheive Pregnancy
Women who are in need of frozen donor eggs to achieve a healthy birth may now select frozen eggs from the Global Donor Egg Bank's online frozen donor catalogue. These donors from diverse ethnic backgrounds have undergone FDA required screening with a background review of genetic, medical and family related issues. Only the healthiest, most qualified donors are accepted according to the our rigorous selection criteria. With Frozen Donor Eggs, synchronization problems are avoided and there is no need to wait because frozen eggs are available whenever the intended mother is ready to begin.

Egg Freezing Success Rates West Coast Fertility Centers

Egg Freezing Success Rates West Coast Fertility Centers

Our success rate has been achieved by Thawing Just 6 Frozen Eggs per Attempt compared to previous studies where 30 - 40 eggs were thawed. Therefore, we believe this is by far the most efficient method of thawing eggs anywhere in the world.

What Every Woman Should Know Before Egg Freezing

The Experience of the IVF Center performing egg freezing is critical to success. In this case, Egg Freezing Specialist, Dr. David Diaz and his Team are among the world's foremost authorities in the Science of Egg Freezing. Their efforts have yielded the birth of more than 10% of all the children in the world born from frozen eggs.

While egg freezing is a delicate and highly specialized assisted reproductive technology (ART), the handling and thawing of frozen eggs is even more critical. Microscopic studies of the eggs before freezing and after thawing have been performed by Dr. Diaz and his team of scientists. As presented at the annual fertility society meeting, their technique illustrates distinct preservation of the egg's delicate internal organelles which in turn yields excellent survival rates and a high degree of implantation.

Egg Freezing Success Rates West Coast Fertility Centers

If you are considering freezing your own eggs, it is critical to…

Ask the Following Key Questions:
1. What is the Survival Rate when frozen eggs are thawed? (91% at West Coast Fertility WCFC)
2. How many Live Births have been reported at the center? (95 babies born at WCFC)
3. How many Eggs are Thawed per Attempt to produce a pregnancy? (6 at WCFC) 
4. What is the Cost of the Egg Freezing Procedure? (View Our Egg Freezing Costs)

To request more information about Egg Freezing and Frozen Donor Eggs, please call our experts at 714-513-1399.

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