The cost for fertilty treatment Fertility IVF Treatment Cost, Financing and Insurance Coverage in Southern California

The medical innovations used to treat infertility are as different as the causes of the infertility itself and one treatment does not fit all patients. Therefore, the cost of treatment depends on the technique which is best suited for the individual patient/couple. Please call our office and we can discuss treatment plans and costs. Thank you.

IVF Treatment Overview

At West Coast Fertility Center, you will get a customized fertility plan that is tailored to your unique situation in a caring and respectful atmosphere. We are not a “factory fertility mill” and you will notice a quality difference in our experience and successful approach to reproductive medicine.

Be Careful of “Money Back Guarantee” Plans at Other Clinics

These plans make it sound like you’ll get a refund of 100% of your money if your IVF treatment is unsuccessful. However, that is not the case at all. There are many stipulations associated with these “money back” plans. In order to participate in this refund plan, you typically have to pay a significant amount more for a treatment cycle up front (usually up to double or 2 ½ times the normal price). If you are due a refund, you may only get a percentage of the total money paid due to the woman’s age factor and other fine print conditions.

Be Careful of Hidden Fees at Other Fertility Clinics

There are several fertility centers that try to entice you with a low IVF treatment cost. Your first question should be what is included in this low price plan? Unbeknownst to the patient are all the additional hidden fees that get tacked onto that price to complete the IVF treatment. This is an unfair practice that makes couples very angry as the amount presented is not the actual price and they get overwhelmed with unexpected add-on fees. Seeking help for infertility is an emotional time and couples deserve to be treated with fairness and honesty.


West Coast Fertility Center Orange County In celebration of the 30th anniversary of West Coast Fertility Center, we will offer a $300 rebate to cover for your initial consultation. This pertains to IVF cash patients only and IVF must be completed within 90 days. An ultrasound is included with your consultation. Other clinics usually charge a separate fee for an ultrasound.

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Our full stimulation IVF cycle is customized for each patient utilizing the most effective protocol based on individual hormone levels, maternal age, resting follicle count and other factors. Unlike other programs, each patient is treated individually as we pay close attention to ovarian factors, uterine health and Fallopian tube status.

Included: Office visits, Ultrasounds, Estrogen blood tests, I.V. Anesthesia*, Physician's fee, Surgical room fee*, Laboratory fee with ICSI as needed*, Embryo transfer, One pregnancy test, First OB ultrasound*, Freezing extra embryos for 6 months* As a national leader in egg freezing, we offer freezing of UNFERTILIZED EGGS for patients wishing to avoid storing multiple embryos. There is an additional cost of $800 for egg freezing.

*These services are included with your cycle at our center. Be advised that many other clinics have hidden costs and you will be charged extra money for these services.

Not Included: Medication cost, Female and Male IVF preparation testing (This is customary for every center.)

Optional: Chromosomal Embryo Screening with CGH $5,000. This advanced test verifies up to 8 embryos for 24 Chromosomes to rule out Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Edward Syndrome and other numerical chromosome abnormalities. This test is recommended for multiple miscarriages, advanced maternal age and other reasons. Single Gene Mutations can also be screened in the parents of specific ethnic backgrounds.Some examples include Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, SMA and many others. The cost for each additional embyro is $250.



Same as Traditional IVF shown above, 2 Fresh IVF cycle starts, 2 Frozen embryo transfer, All cycles must be completed in 12 months.



Same as Traditional IVF shown above, 3 Fresh IVF cycle starts, All frozen embryos must be used before another fresh cycle, All cycles must be completed in 12 months.


We will be able to quote total treatment costs once your initial consultation and pre-testing has been completed and Dr. David Diaz and his scientific and nursing staff have reached a diagnosis and treatment plan with you.

Financing and Payment Options for Fertility Treatments

We accept cash, cashier checks, and most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) for payment of fertility treatments.

You can apply for patient financing for your fertiity treatment with a flexible and affordable payment plan with Prosper Healthcare Lending or New Life Fertility Finance. You can get an answer right away to see if you qualify for fertility financing.

ivfbaby-propser-healthcare-lending-ivf-financing-photoAffordable financing for ANY fertility expense including treatments, procedures, and medications.

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ivfbaby-new-life-fertility-financeFinancing a dream of parenthood is now within reach.

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Medical Insurance Coverage for Infertility and Fertility Treatments

Medical insurance coverage for infertility treatments is rare these days. In most cases insurance benefits are paid by the employer who is given several choices by the insurance company. Ultimately, it is the employer who makes the decision whether to select a benefits package which may partially cover infertility or it may not cover any infertility at all. Since the employer is paying the premium, this is who makes the final decision for medical benefits.

Each patient is responsible for investigating whether or not their employer has purchased the infertility insurance option. Reading your medical insurance policy and speaking with your boss or Human Resources department is the best way to check if any infertility treatments are available. 

Some patients may have partial coverage for consultation only (not treatment). Others may have partial coverage for fertility testing only (not treatment). In both these cases there is an annual deductible to be paid by the insured before any payment is made by the insurer. There is also a co-payment, which can be a certain dollar amount or a percentage of the bill. Both the deductible and the co-payment are the patient's responsibility. Also, most HMO policies  require pre-authorization, meaning written permission must be obtained before any payment may be made by the insurer.  Please remember that an insurance policy is a contract between three parties: your employer, the insurance company and you (the insured).   

Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment

Health insurance coverage and benefits vary widely by insurance plan. Share your insurance information with us and we'll assist you in determining your coverage.

Fertility Insurance Benefits Coverage

Each health insurance plan issues a comprehensive document that describes in detail the health coverage and benefits that are available to you. This document is given to you once you enroll and is usually called an Evidence of Coverage or an Explanation of Benefits. Whether you have coverage with your employer or you purchase your own health insurance, it is important to know the specific information about your insurance coverage before you begin your fertility treatment. The West Coast Fertility Centers staff can help you understand your health insurance benefits.

Below are some standard questions you should ask your insurance carrier.

  1. Does my insurance cover diagnostic evaluation for infertility?
    If yes, does my insurance cover lab work, ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram, laboratory services, and physician fees, etc. ?
  2. Does my insurance cover treatment for infertility such as artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technologies, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), etc?
    If yes, does my insurance cover physician, hospital and lab charges?
  3. What is my financial responsibility for infertility services? Are my financial responsibilities the same or different for lab, ultrasound, physician, and hospital?
  4. Does my insurance have any limits in the type and/or number of Infertility services?
    For example, some insurance limits the number of treatments to one or two or have a financial limit.  
  5. Does my insurance cover medications for follicle stimulation?
  6. Does my insurance require use of a specific contracted pharmacy?  

AUTHORIZATION CAUTION: To make sure that you obtain the maximum benefits available to you, please make sure that you have the appropriate authorization in writing before you begin any treatment plan. Obtaining authorization is the key in protecting you from the financial obligation that often is greater if authorizations are not obtained. Insurance authorizations may take up to four to six weeks to obtain so be aware of this when you are planning for your fertility treatment.

Many patients decide to personally fund their fertility treatment. Our office is dedicated to helping you with the financial and insurance considerations that arise during your treatment. For more information, please call Mike Peckham at 714-513-1399 ext. 104.

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