Directory of Other Helpful Websites

Education is one the most important aspects of your care at West Coast Fertility Center. As part of our service we recommend visiting these helpful websites.

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc.

Frozen Egg Bank, Inc, located in Orange County, California, uses leading-edge technology to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional egg donation for women unable to conceive with their own eggs.


ASRM is devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including reproduction, male and female infertility, andrology, menopausal medicine, infertility diagnosis, treatment, and research.

MyMedicalLoan facilitates financing of medical procedures through the acquisition of retail installment contracts through our provider network. They offer flexible and affordable financing options to most patients even those with less then perfect credit.

Fertility Authority

Fertility Authority is a resource site offering fertility information and services available concerning the medical conditions of both male & female fertility and infertility.


CA Cryobank is a full-service sperm bank providing a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm, private semen cryopreservation, and specialized reproductive services.

Fertile Hope

Fertile Hope is a nonprofit organization helping cancer patients at risk for infertility through programs of research, awareness, education, financial assistance and support.

Advanced Breast Care

Advanced Breast Care Specialists of Orange County are dedicated to treating the whole woman rather than just the breast disease. Their surgical oncologist has devoted her life's work to the education, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. We work closely with Dr. Curcio and her center to provide fertility preservation for young cancer patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Egg Freezing Special in Orange County

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