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Dr. David Diaz Named 2016 Top Doc by Orange Coast Magazine and Castle Connolly

Congratulations Dr. Diaz! Castle Connolly Top Doctors are highly sought after physician leaders in their communities and metropolitan areas. What makes this award very special is that physicians are nominated and selected by other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties. The Castle Connolly physician-led research team carefully reviews the credentials of every physician being considered in areas of professional achievements, board certifications, hospital appointments, and scrutiny of medical education and training.

Twin Peak: More Babies in the U.S. are Born in Pairs

orange county register diaz expert quoteDr. David Diaz was featured as the fertility expert in the Orange Coast Register's article on twin births. Find out what percentage of babies in year 2014 are twins.
View Orange County Register's article

First Frozen Egg Baby Celebrates 10th Birthday at West Coast Fertility

View Press Release of Cadyn's 5th Birthday

Egg Freezing Success at West Coast Fertility Centers Results in Four Frozen Egg Pregnancies in Four Days

West Coast Fertility Centers and Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. announce a major advancement with their well recognized frozen egg program. A leader in egg freezing technology since 2000, WCFC and its research partner FEB, have treated women using eggs frozen and thawed by two completely different freezing techniques. Summary of 4 Frozen Egg Cases in 4 Consecutive Days:

1. One woman used her own eggs, frozen by the slow freeze technology 5 years ago after IVF, when she chose to freeze her surplus eggs instead of embryos. This is her second pregnancy using frozen eggs.

2. Another woman, diagnosed with low ovarian function, accepted the option of using vitrified donor eggs instead of the riskier, more expensive fresh donor eggs. She became pregnant on her very first attempt.

3. A third woman, who previously delivered a healthy baby from frozen egg, wanted a sibling for her first child. Two blastocysts from slow frozen eggs were transferred resulting in an excellent level of pregnancy hormone for this fortunate mother and father. They requested the same donor to insure a genetic link for their children.

4. A fourth woman, living out of state was offered frozen donor eggs at a WCFC affiliated clinic. Using the egg freezing solutions perfected at WCFC, that clinic succeeded in helping another of their patients become pregnant using frozen donor eggs.
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First Ever Reunion of Babies Born from Frozen Eggs Hosted by Orange County Egg Freezing and Fertility Specialist David Diaz, MD, Named Top Doctor by US News & World Report

David Diaz, MD, Medical Director of Frozen Egg Bank Inc. and West Coast Fertility Centers, chosen as one of America's Top Reproductive Endocrinologist, developed a specialized technique that minimized ice crystal formation during the egg freezing process and improved the survival rate to 91% after thawing. This led to unparalleled egg freezing success rates and the first ever reunion for children born from frozen eggs held on October 15, 2011 in Orange County, California.
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Genetic Time Bomb is Defused: Healthy Baby Girl is Born

Brian and HK are like many other young couples - bright, energetic people who wished to fulfill their lives by starting their family. The couple achieved pregnancy but sadly, five devastating pregnancies were lost, dashing the couple's goal of having children. Dr. David Diaz carefully reviewed their medical records and discovered that both Brian and HK were carriers of an extremely rare and deadly genetic condition called Sly Syndrome with an incidence rate of 1:250,000. The most severe form of the syndrome results in deformities of the bones and heart, mental and visual problems and premature death.
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Affordable IVF at Last! Natural Cycle IVF Available at West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California at Promotional Pricing

Natural Cycle IVF (NIVF) is an exciting and affordable new fertility treatment offered at West Coast Fertility Centers to patients who have mild forms of infertility. The holiday promotional pricing for NIVF excludes costs for testing and medication.
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Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation Pricing Special for the Holidays by Frozen Egg Bank Inc., a Division of West Coast Fertility Centers in Orange County, California

One in five women are having their first child after age 35 when declining egg quality leads to a higher infertility rate. Women pursuing careers or women who have not met their life partner can request elective egg freezing to preserve fertility while their eggs are still healthy and robust. Egg Freezing Specialist, Dr. David Diaz, and his team at Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) are among the world's foremost authorities in the Science of Egg Freezing with over 100 healthy babies born from frozen eggs.
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Frozen Egg Bank Inc. and its Founder, Dr. David Diaz, Celebrate with ASRM as the Experimental Label is Removed from Egg Freezing

October 2012 is especially memorable at Frozen Egg Bank Inc, located in Orange County California, as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the "experimental" label from human egg freezing. Founded by David Diaz, MD in 2005, the mission of Frozen Egg Bank, Inc. (FEB) has been to develop efficient egg freezing techniques that lead to successful live births. In October 2005, FEB witnessed the birth of the first frozen egg baby, Cadyn Elizabeth, now a bright and beautiful child. More than 70 live births later, FEB was privileged to host the "World's First Reunion of Babies Born from Frozen Eggs." A study presented at the ASRM meeting on October 24, 2012 showed the freezing and thawing technique used by FEB has a greater efficiency than the vitrification technique among all egg banks sampled in the study.
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Orange County Fertility Specialist, David Diaz MD, Perfected a Specialized Egg Freezing Technique Making Frozen Donor Eggs Accessible and Affordable with New Lower Pricing

Frozen donor eggs can improve pregnancy chances for women with diminished fertility potential due to advancing age or poor egg quality. The patent-pending egg freezing technology developed by Frozen Egg Bank and West Coast Fertility Centers located in Orange County, California makes it possible and affordable for intended parents to conveniently select frozen eggs procured from healthy, rigorously screened donor candidates. The egg freezing technique minimizes ice crystal formation during the egg freezing process and yields a frozen egg survival rate of 91% after thawing. This egg freezing success rate has led to the births of over 70 healthy children and the world's first frozen egg baby reunion hosted by Dr. David Diaz in October 2011.
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World's First Frozen Egg Baby Reunion: A New Generation of Motherhood

This baby reunion held in October 2011 was so unique because it celebrated the pioneering families and their babies conceived from thawed frozen eggs. Nearly 70 joyous families and their frozen egg babies came together to celebrate LIFE at West Coast Fertility Centers. Dr. David Diaz, infertility and egg freezing specialist, has always been on the scientific forefront of finding real solutions for real human needs because he understands that unanticipated life events can threaten a woman's reproduction. Cancer at a young age, career demands, single marital status, or a depleted ovarian function can all endanger a woman's fertility potential.
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First Frozen Egg Baby Celebrates Fifth Birthday at West Coast Fertility Centers

Cadyn is a very special little girl. Although she turned five years old on October 6, 2010, the eggs from which she was conceived were frozen in 2001 at the egg freezing program at West Coast Fertility Centers, located in Orange County, California. West Coast is considered one of the leading Centers in the country specializing in the field of fertility preservation. The Center pioneered a freezing method called the Landa Freezing Technology capable of storing embryos and eggs for young patients with cancer and women who wish to extend their fertile years until they are ready to start a family.
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