LGBT family same sex couple parenthoodSame-Sex Parenthood and LGBT Families Orange County – Options, Knowledge and Expectations

There are many fertility options available for same-sex couples to experience the joy and the innate nature of becoming a parent and being a family. The assistance of sperm and egg donors along with a gestational surrogate (also known as gestational carrier) are needed for gay and lesbian couples to experience parenthood. The most common options include:

  • Using donor sperm for lesbian couples and single women
  • Using frozen or fresh donor eggs and a gestational surrogate with IVF treatment for gay couples and single men
  • Using IVF with eggs from a genetic lesbian partner with the other partner carrying the pregnancy

Successful R-Family Fertility Care

For the past 25 years, Dr. David Diaz and his medical team have compassionately worked with individuals and couples seeking parenthood regardless of background, race or partnership status. The dignity of every person is valued and respected.

"My partner and I went to Dr. Diaz after so many hurdles of trying to start a family. Being a gay couple, we decided to try IVF. This was really our last hope after trying with a traditional surrogate for 2 years and that being unsuccessful. When we saw Dr. Diaz, he made us feel right at home and comfortable. His staff is amazing and answered all emails and calls right away. We found a surrogate in the OC area and the process for her was simple and Dr. Diaz made sure it was a right fit for us. Within 60 days of meeting Dr. Diaz, we had our first IVF and it was a success. We are now into our second trimester and we are extremely happy to meet our baby. Thank you for making our family a reality." -Mike T.

lesbian family motherhood orange countyFamily Building Options for Lesbian Couples and Women

Conception for lesbian women begins with a sperm donor. You can use a known sperm donor who will be required to get tested medically and physically in compliance with FDA rules or we refer to you a reliable sperm bank. All legal aspects will be worked out during this time.

Depending on the age and health of each partner, IVF Co-Maternity is a popular option nowadays where one lesbian partner will produce the eggs and the other partner will carry the pregnancy. The baby will inherit the genetic makeup of the egg providing partner and the sperm donor whereas the gestating partner will give birth and breast feed the newborn. This method will help both women feel an equal biological tie to the infant. The other option is where one lesbian partner provides the eggs and with the use of IVF, she will also carry the pregnancy.

gay family fatherhood parent orange countyFamily Building Options for Gay Men

Biological fatherhood for men will include IVF with a gestational surrogate who will carry the baby to term. The egg donor provider can be a female friend or an anonymous donor. We do have a frozen donor egg bank of healthy, diverse youthful women who have been carefully screened medically with psychological and physical examinations.

The first step for gay men is to have a complete semen analysis. This can be done at our facility as we do have a state-of-the-art Andrology laboratory. A semen analysis is needed as there are potential sperm disorders such as:
1) Sperm count (number of sperm)
2) Motility (ability for the sperm to move/swim)
3) Morphology (size and shape of sperm) for quality of movement

Typically, the eggs donated are inseminated using In Vitro Fertilization with the sperm of one or both gay partners. The embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the gestational surrogate/carrier whose body has been medically prepared to accept the embryos and carry to fetus/baby to term. We have experience in working, providing and synchronizing surrogacy services since 1992. All financial, legal and psychological factors are considered during this time to make your parenthood journey as easy, smoothly and comfortable as possible.

Family Building Options for Transgender Individuals

Depending on the circumstances, we can use In Vitro Fertilization IVF or artificial insemination known as Intrauterine Insemination with or without the use of a third party. Please contact us directly for more information at 714-513-1399.

Taking the First Step Towards Building Your LGBT Family

It is important to have open discussions with your partner about what your mutual expectations are for parenthood. You’ll also want to begin familiarizing yourself with the medical, legal and financial implications associated with your choices. We can definitely help you navigate through this process during your consultation.

Please call us at 714-513-1399 to book an appointment with fertility specialist Dr. David Diaz or schedule a consultation online or request a phone consultation. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most scientifically advanced fertility treatment as quickly and safely as possible in an environment that is caring and compassionate.

Statistics on LGBT Parenthood

The statistics for gay and lesbian parenthood in America...
1) As many as six million children and adults in America have an LGBT parent.
2) An estimated 37% of LGBT adults have had a child at some time in their lives.
3) An estimated 3 million LGBT Americans have had a child.
4) An estimated 19% of same-sex couples in America have children under age 18.
Source: Williams Institute, US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS)

Addressing Realistic Expectations

For same-sex couples who want to start or build a family, setting realistic expectations about having a baby can be critical to your peace of mind. Even if you don’t have any fertility issues, a same-sex relationship makes the use of reproductive technologies such as IVF and IUI necessary for a pregnancy in most cases, which can take time and money and may require numerous attempts. The good news is that same-sex couples can have biological children and appear to be doing so in increasing numbers, but you’ll need patience and knowledge of what to expect during your journey to parenthood. (Source: EMD Serono In the Know booklet)

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