Getting Started When Trying to ConceiveGetting Started When Trying to Conceive

West Coast Fertility Centers recognizes the stress, which can surround fertility treatments. Fear, guilt, depression are among the many feelings experienced by our patients who are trying to conceive; these feelings should be acknowledged and discussed openly. Coming to a fertility center takes courage and is the first step in the process of resolving infertility.

How to Deal with the Infertility Struggle

  1. Educating our patients about reproductive function is the key to understanding how infertility occurs and is one of the primary goals of our fertility center.
  2. It is useful to think of infertility as a medical condition, which happens to couples and not just to the woman or the man, making it counterproductive for the blame to be carried by one person.
  3. Also remember that men experience infertility issues differently than women, making communication difficult when this is not recognized.
  4. Balancing optimism with reality means there are different pathways to parenthood. Having a healthy child to call your own is the main goal that can be achieved using a variety of treatment options.
  5. Try to set limits on how long you will try and how much you are willing to spend on treatment. This will vary greatly among our patients.          

Infertility Facts & Knowledge

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