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Nothing is more personal than working with women and couples who wish to start or grow their families. It takes a doctor with a special commitment and a single minded focus to help his patients achieve their dream of having a child. From your first visit to West Coast Fertility Center (WCFC), our relationship will be based on trust, care and respect in a comfortable, reassuring setting.

West Coast Fertility Center Orange CountyWe're celebrating our 30th anniversary here at West Coast Fertility Center, where creating a new life has been our life’s work. Thanks to your confidence in our treatments and your countless referrals, over 3,700 long awaited children have graced the lives of loving parents who more than anything wanted to have a child. As we enter our second quarter-century of service, we look forward to helping the next generation of intended parents.

Your ongoing referral of friends, family members, and co-workers is the greatest compliment we can receive. We invite you to call (714-513-1399) or email us (patientcare at to share memories and tell us about your beautiful family.

People Love West Coast Fertility on Yelp Founded in 1988 by Dr. David Diaz, West Coast Fertility Centers in southern California is now among the most established and successful fertility centers in the nation. There is nothing better than experience and during a career of 30 years, Dr. Diaz has developed a keen medical judgment and superior skills enhanced by a scientific intellect. At West Coast Fertility Center, the efforts of our fertility team have led to extraordinary pregnancy success rates by combining highly successful medication protocols, with scientific innovations in the disciplines of implantation and embryo culture. In addition, you have found one of the most successful unfertilized egg freezing programs anywhere, resulting in the birth of over 100 healthy babies and many more on-going frozen egg pregnancies.

West Coast Fertility Center in Fountain Valley

In-House Surgical Suite

Strict Quality Control is one of the most important aspects of an advanced fertility center. At WCFC, the in-house Surgi-suite where we perform egg harvesting, embryo transfer, hysteroscopy and other procedures has passed the rigorous standards of the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) which has awarded WCFC a three year Certificate of Excellence. Having an in-house Surgi-suite not only provides convenience for our patients, but assures that we can internally maintain the high standards similar to a hospital operating room. Our Surgi-suite and recovery room are designed using cutting edge technology and state-of-the art equipment but with a human touch. Our certified Surgi-suite professionals have decades of experience and many staff members have worked with Dr. Diaz for years. Rest assured that at WCFC you will be welcomed by friendly, caring and highly skilled nurses, technicians and doctors. 

Despite our longevity, West Coast Fertility Center continues to maintain the same level of dedication to private personalized care in a comfortable environment. We have avoided the concept of "fertility mills" staffed by multiple doctors with variable degrees of skill, treating multitudes of patients hurriedly, often forgetting the personal nature of a fertility practice.

In summary, your fertility treatment at WCFC will be entrusted to a group of dedicated professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in the medical, scientific and nursing aspects of Reproductive Medicine who understand your fears and concerns. We congratulate you on overcoming the most difficult step on the road to parenthood by visiting West Coast Fertility Center.

Company History

Fertility Doctor Dr. Diaz with BabyIn 1988, Dr. Diaz brought his knowledge and skills to southern California and founded West Coast Fertility Centers. He sensed a need to bring the most cutting-edge fertility treatments to Orange County, a beautiful community that lacked personalized fertility treatments in a harmonious environment. Dr. Diaz quickly assembled his team including embryologist, Dr. Dianne Smith, a Harvard trained scientist with 20 years experience in IVF. Cris Karl, Senior Embryologist, joined us from Cal State University- Fullerton. Teaching preceptorships were established to share surgical skills with local gynecologists and Dr. Diaz introduced advanced Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy to Anaheim Memorial Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, St. Jude Medical Center, Coronal Regional Hospital and Irvine Medical Center.   His knack for innovation and unwavering dedication to excellence brought Dr. Diaz world recognition in the area of laparoscopic surgery and egg donation. In 1993, he gained notoriety for helping Mary Shearing, a remarkable 53 year old woman who broke the reproductive age barrier for women. Mary conceived and delivered twin girls. To this day, Mary continues to speak publicly about the joys of parenthood at any age for healthy women.

Innovations at West Coast Fertility

Innovation became one of the distinguishing features of WCFC and research in the areas of ovarian stimulation protocols lead to superior pregnancy rates in IVF and egg donation cycles. In the area of embryo implantation, a method was developed by WCFC scientist Leena Dalal, to detect the receptivity of the uterus during embryo transfer. This test became known as the Diagnostic Implantation Assay System (DIAS) and is used to evaluate the uterus before embryos are transferred. Data from over 600 biopsy samples were collected, analyzed and treatments were developed to treat patients who lacked implantation factors.

In 1998 Dr. Diaz' team was enhanced by Antoine La, ELD, a world class embryologist who excelled at embryo culture techniques, embryo micromanipulation and cryopreservation techniques. This set the stage for the pipeline of developments to come from the WCFC laboratories (see our IVF laboratories for details). Improved culture techniques permitted extending the duration of embryo observation to 5 days, known as the blastocyst stage, to help select the hardiest embryos for implantation. Egg Freezing has been the goal of fertility clinics for more than 20 years and at WCFC this dream has come true. By making modifications to our embryo freezing solutions we were not only able to preserve extra embryos from IVF, we could now apply this new emerging technology to special medical problems in reproduction. Young cancer patients could freeze their eggs before starting therapy; women wishing to save their eggs during their youthful years could take advantage of egg freezing. In just four years a total of 52 healthy babies have been born from our proprietary LANDA Freezing solution, named after its developers, Antoine La and David Diaz.

Of course, the major beneficiaries of our innovations are the patients we serve on a daily basis. We share in their joys and in their disappointments and the bonds we have formed with our patients have remained enduring throughout the decades.

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